April 29, 2004

quickie review post:

I'm still sort of stunned that it's over; that I've completed two years at university and that there's only three more. While I wait for the feeling to settle in, I'll throw down a quick rundown of the last few days:

Monday: Last exam - Psych 218. Afterwards, I hung out with the E7A crew, then drank with Tim and a bunch of other people.

Tuesday: Moped at home. My parents went shopping, so I cranked the volume, cued up a list of things I can't study to because I have to sing along to them, and belted out things ranging from Hawksley to Blur to Kylie and back to Young and Sexy. That was relieving.

Wednesday: CAPTURE THE FLAG. Scads of fun. Some crazy guy thought we should have weekly games. There was some serious shunning going on after that. In any case, I guarded the flag the first game, and then did a little spy work for the second, and didn't do any real running except for that one time I decoyed. After that, I killed a little time in the office, and then ran into Camille in the SUB. I intended to walk down to the village and buy alcohol (because I can now!!), but I ended up in Fairview, helping Tim and Adam move the last of their stuff out. Then Tim and I grabbed Meal #2 (neither of us had eaten lunch) and I found that the LDB in the village was closed, so I went on a mini-adventure to 4th and Alma, where everything went smoothly. Well, one almost-hiccup.

CLERK: ID, please.
(Gerald hands ID to clerk - licence and carecard)
CLERK: I don't know... this is a bit suspicious.
GERALD: I've got more if you need it. (smirk)
CLERK: I know. Just messing with you.

From there it was a bus ride to Spencer's, where I did a bit of cleaning and had a quick shower (having been gross from the capture the flag game) before the party started.

And did it ever start; Kent and Karl walked in with a cooler, and it was on. It was a party - not as epic as the RBF kegger, but one to be appreciated in its own right.
As per usual, awards and prizes were handed out; I received the "Graham's Keeper" award, along with a purple self-inflating whoopie cushion. I have no idea how they're connected, but cutting off Chris and Chris with fart noises was fun. Other awards of note included the "Barrington's Choice", given to Paige, and the "We Stared At You From Control Through Binoculars and We're Not Sorry" for Lianne - you had to be there for cleanup for it to make any sense.

stuff of note:

  • the othering room.
  • drinking out of jars.
  • SoCo.
  • regaining my ability to blow smoke rings.
  • Erica feeding me strawberries.
  • Karl's bottle of Jack.
  • Colts.
    • Ryan Corbett:
    • and his Theory of Hard Alcohol.
    • interrupting Spencer's stories to hug him.
    • being confused at certain situations.
    • giving Sarah Costa a headbutting lesson.

passed out on the futon around 4, after a couple jars of water

was up at about 8:30, along with Karl. we cleaned up a bit, and then he drove me to the office.
waited around in the office, at which point Naf came by, and then Christina showed up, and then Dick Davis strolled in.
went off to MoA for a viewbook shoot.

didn't know what to expect with the shoot, and about the last thing I expected to happen was for us to actually get taught things while we walked around and the photographer was unobtrusive as possible.
which is exactly what happened, which was pretty cool - learned a fair bit about some of the issues MoA faces when dealing with First Nations, and all the tiny things like the design of shelving that have to be dealt with.

went back to the office, killed some time, got a ride home.

redesigned the page (as you can see). that's been about it.

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