April 15, 2004


wake up.
hugs from everyone, including stupid older brother who has literally just fallen out of bed.

doctor's appointment. even though my date of birth was on four separate places, she didn't say anything. go fig.

breakfast at IHOP. we go, we eat, my mom goes to bathroom. she comes back, and we finish eating. as we're leaving, the waitress brings out a piece of cheesecake (at 10 am, no less) and says. "I've been to red robins, and I figure you're pretty embarassed about now, so I'm not going to sing."
I have no problems with this.
The table of 14 or so people behind us does, and proceeds to belt it out.


head to metro, pick up some pants and shirts, and 15 packets of cadbury mini eggs.

say hi to an aunt, drive home from burnaby, listening to the "parents mix" which is two songs each from a bunch of artists.

get home, change, pack a bag, drive to skytrain, start trek to UBC.
get to rob's, eat, go to office get earplugs, head to wolf & hound.
on bus, get text message, "best birthday party you never showed up to"

show up.

there's nothing quite like walking into a room full of people who have congregated specifically because of you.

drink exciting mixed-beer concoctions.
graham shows up, with a flask, a bar towel. flask has tequila in it.
for a short period of time, I doublefist tequila and a snakebite (3/4 lager, 1/4 strongbow).
more drinkality ensues.

waitress interlude: she lilted.

upon finding out that it was my birthday, I received an awesome chocolate brownie, which brought my cake count up to 3.

then we drank some more.
finished the night off with a black velvet, and then off to richard's.

I'd only been to one nightclub before, and that was ages ago, so I didn't know what to expect.
first thought I had was "it's a bit like the bronze, except darker."
ran into a bunch of people I met through Rob, as well as one Rachel Elton.

didn't see tony.

rob bought me a prairie fire. jesus.

I was pretty good through the night, then I had a pair of jack and cokes before heading back to gage to crash at robs, while he slept at lana's.

which is where I woke up, and am typing this.

now, I'm off to get ready, meet Shocker Bunny for breakfast, and then write an exam.

thanks for coming out, gang. and for everyone who didn't make it: I'm legal now, so we can do this more often!

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