April 24, 2004


props to Everyone's Favourite Instituition for hosting the predrink shindig, and to E7A for an excellent year as well as a bitchin' party. Also, the pie was excellent, and the icecream cake was a nice touch, if a little bloody.

I won the "Most Enjoyable While Intoxicated" award for "One More Keg Stand for the Road", as well as the "The J K Rowling – Turning Our Kids Back onto Reading" award for promoting Transmetropolitan.

along those lines, here are some other things you should read if you haven't:

  • Batgirl
  • The Dark Knight Returns
  • Spiderman vs Powdered Toast Man
  • Superman vs Muhammad Ali
  • Supreme Power
  • Sin City
  • as many "What If?" comics as you can get

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