April 19, 2004

just wish that happiness could be pretended

I'd forgotten how much I hated this place.
For the last few weeks, it's been nothing more than periphery; sleep/food/clothes before I head back out to do things.
The Fair, the birthday, exams.

It's mostly over, now, and it's taken only two days to remind me why I can't stand what life becomes in Delta.

I want to live in Vancouver again, to not have to leave two hours before needing to be anywhere, to have spur-of-the-moment plans actually involve moments. I miss the kidnappings, the freedom from bus-related worry, the lack of not-so-subtle guilt trips on the ride home from the skytrain.

I'm tired of living life in shades of grey.

And my closet's still being occupied.
Tupping liberty.

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