April 04, 2004

omg insight!!

so, spencer just asked how my parents took my outstanding inebriation of last night, and I figure it's a weird enough topic to merit an entry.

simply put: as long as I've arranged for a ride beforehand, and they know I'm drinking, it's a non-issue. I'll get some friendly harassment the next day about hangovers, but that's about it. I have been more drunk when being picked up before; the elections party in first year leaps to mind, as well as the MASS anniversary.

As far as I can tell, they know they can't stop me, so they might as well try and keep me safe.

I've also been informed that the "ride home, any time, no questions asked" policy applies to any of my friends; so if I'm around and you need a ride, just ask. they won't judge.

How'd they take it this time? They asked who spencer was (because I'd walked outside with him; iirc he was going to puke discreetly in a bush), how much I'd had to drink (I said 4 beer, which my mom said was too much. I honestly hadn't been counting.) and how the evening went. And that was it. We came home, I stumbled off to bed (and woke up in boxers and a t-shirt; I usually wear pajama pants) and we never spoke of it again.

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