April 20, 2004

I generally dislike awards ceremonies, but there's always an exception.

over on Alasdair's blog, I've been nominated for several Gage E7A Awards.

categories include:
Best Guest Appearance: given in recognition of the most memorable guest appearance by a non-Gage resident.
Most Enjoyable While Intoxicated Award: given in recognition of the individual whose debauchery brought the most joy to those present at the time
The J K Rowling – Turning Our Kids Back onto Reading Award: given to the individual that has done the most to promote literacy in Quad E7A
Best Blog Award: given in recognition of recipient’s devotion to presenting an up-to-date, insightful blog that is enjoyable to read and inspires comments from readers.

awards are friday.
until then, please cross your fingers and excitedly repeat "OMG GO GERALD GO."

It's not like you have anyone else to cheer for.
Unless you're Neil.

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