May 11, 2004

fun times, redux

went to the beach with a pair of high school friends last night. Conversation topics ranged from the standard "what are you doing" to the unfortunate lack of green in sunsets to the origins of the Oxford English Dictionary, to Iain's Illustrated Oxford Dictionary and how awesome and useless it is at the same time. After the (spectacular) sunset, we headed to Koerner's*, where we started off with some Okanagan Springs Pale, which, of course, brought about discussion about the Fair. Patricia had enjoyed herself vastly (and still hasn't finished her synopsis), and Iain missed it due to a paper he had to write, which meant he had to stay in Victoria. Switched to Darkwoods Nut Brown afterwards, which was, well... educational. Very smokey, caramel/barbeque and no aftertaste. Like, none. It was weird, and we sipped cautiously at first and then gave up and started throwing it back before it got too warm. Somewhere in there, we switched from Big 2 to pool. I left there at about 20 to midnight, got on a B-Line, took some blurry shots from the Skytrain, and got home just before 1.

Fucking North Delta.

The long and short of it? I feel a lot better about most everything than I did yesterday, and there's a few jobs that look interesting that I'm going to go apply for now...

here's some photos:

*we were 3 of maybe 10 people at Koerner's, and we were ID'd by the same guy who let me in at the AMS elections results thing with Jordie's ID, and was at Dave Tompkins' when the underage jokes began. He did a double-take on the date, which amused me greatly.

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