May 25, 2004

2 dreams, 1 meme, scads of confusion.

dream #1:
I move back to Vancouver. Alone. And live in an apartment on Kingsway (between Slocan and Earles) above a Chinese restaurant. Nothing particularly strange happened. Just the setting that was odd.

dream #2:
go back to the old high school to brush up on my biology, and find that I'm not the only one there. for some reason, me and a bunch of people I graduated with are there, getting ready to dissect fetal pigs (note: we actually did this.) but there's a number of details wrong.

  • the teacher (same one I had in grade 12) is wearing a polka dotted dress.
  • snootiest person I knew in high school is making googly eyes at the ultra-nerdy russian-accented guy in the grade below us.
  • nobody I remember liking during highschool (aside from the teacher) was there

it was significant amounts of bizarre, and the other bit I can't remember specifics of was right up there in strangeness content. I guess watching Angel marathons right before bed is a bad idea.

gerald` may explode without warning



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