May 11, 2004

weird dreams

I've been sitting on this post since this morning, because I still can't figure it out...

had a dream last night, involving me getting caught evading fares on the Skytrain station, and trying to make a run for it. Entirely normal, given how much fare evasion I commit in my newly UPassless life. Run out of the train, fake Skytrain cops hot on my tail, off the train platform, down a flight of stairs, past another platform, and then dow-- hold up, two platforms?!

in a half-asleep (but thoroughly bewildered) state, I replayed the dream as best I could, and tried to piece together where this imaginary station would've been, using the scenery and any other cues I was able to pick out of my dream, and came to the conclusion that Patterson station had had Royal Oak station put on top of it, and the whole damn thing was moved out to Boundary and Lougheed.

And there I was, evading fares.

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