September 18, 2004

they say it fits, if you let it...

Today's mission was simple: buy cuff links.

I recently found a shirt with french cuffs in my dad's closet, and promptly appropriated it; only to find that my dad never wore it because he bought it and couldn't find his cufflinks.

And so, Lana, Rob, Neil and I set out downtown, first trekking through Pacific Centre and then down Granville in our (well, mine, really) search.

Along the way, we partook of some silliness, and the semi-serious findings are as follows:

- I look surprisingly good in purple.
- Shirts really should come with their own haiku.
- Neil + Sean John = hilarity (Rob's got the photo, else it'd be up here)

and then, somewhere in a mall, I saw these.
I'd have bought them, were they not $325. or $375. The saleslady couldn't remember.

I guess it's off to eBay for me, then...

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