September 30, 2004

my last few days! itemized!

- Snow Patrol on Tuesday was an excellent show. You're all idiots for missing it.
- Whistler this weekend; promises to be interesting.
- The Arcade Fire shirt turned out really well. Pictures later.
- CiTR is all sorts of awesome; I've been in on silly discussions on punk subcultures (chafecore, anyone?) and apparently I'll be in the masthead for Discorder.
- Between doing CDs and shows for Discorder and Arts for the News, I am going to become a review machine. It'll be awesome.
- Cufflinks came. Pictures later. I'll be wearing one pair (of the eight [!]) at Whistler.
- Who knew tweed jackets were so much fun?
- I like Distance Education.
- Still no leads on Job #3.
- I'm starting to give tours next week. This is equal parts harrowing and sweet.
- next three shirts: (some sort of dark colour on white), whatever I make when Neil settles on a design (hurry up, damn you!), and maybe an interpol one that isn't just the antics cover or the band's faces; more on that later.
- My contract (by which I mean my brother's contract) with Telus is up in November, and they're offering me (by which I mean my brother) a deep discount on a new phone as well as being able to continue on my (you get the idea; I've been carrying around the damn thing for over two years and so I'm used to referring to it as mine) current plan (evenings/weekends/lunchtimes unlimited, evenings from 6pm-8am, 150 minutes daytime, caller ID/waiting/voicemail included), and I'm all for it. Only problem is that the phones suck. Anyone have a bead on where to find CDMA phones that don't make one want to throw shit?

that's it for now; will probably put something up after whistler, and I think it might be time for another round of Five in Heavy Rotation after that.

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