September 10, 2004

from a great height...

it's pissing out, and so I took the bus all the way home because the parents went visiting.

odd note: Surrey and Delta look exactly the fucking same in the dark. I had to ask the bus driver to inform me where my stop was. He got it wrong and I had to walk an extra block, which is how weirdly faceless this place is.
The first week of school hasn't sunk in. I've been in Brock Hall the entire damn time. Sigal asked why I wasn't going to classes, and I explained, at which point she informed me that she'd been in exactly the same position before, which made me feel 10x better about the whole thing.
But, yes, Peer Advising is over, and Student Recruitment begins; training tomorrow for which I am stoked.
The weirdest thing about working in Brock Hall? Being the one who knows stuff. Last year, I'd MSN Aleks or ask someone who was close at hand, but this year, I was the one who knew and the one who other PA's would ask. I get the feeling that this is going to be a recurring theme in most of the stuff I get up to, and while it's a little unnerving, I think it's for the best.
Need to start hanging out with more people my own age; the end of this year brings the graduation of some of my favorite people, and as much as I don't want to admit it to myself, I'm going to need to rebuild a social circle.

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