January 24, 2004

you and me / let's go out going all the way

this was my friday:

0620: Wake up. 2 wakeup calls to Spencer, both get sent to voicemail.
0635: Get out of shower. Wakeup call #3, goes through.
0720: Leave house.
0800: Get to Broadway Station, realise I have forgotten tape with which to put up posters. Swear, head into Post Office to get some tape.
0810: Put up posters, get out handbills. Run into Mike Kushnir, who is handbilling for SPAN. He's run out, though, so he's handing out SPAN posters. People don't like this, so I look better by comparison.
0830: call Spencer. Find out he's been vomiting. Worry slightly, then realize that there's not much to do from where I am. Handbill some more.
0925: Finish handbilling, hit Safeway for something dark chocolate and stomach friendly. Hop on B-Line.
1000: get to campus, have a quick chat with Spencer, get to class.
1200: Handbill.
1300: Go to Angus to find class, get lost.
1310: Run into Tara. Handbill some more.
1630: Eat first actual food of day; bowl of chicken corn soup from the Moon. Naf comments that I should eat more if I am to be drinking tonight. I respond, "Yeah. This is just the invasion of Poland."
1640: Spencer and I perform a spontaneous spoken word version of "Baby Got Back" for Naf.
1745: Head to Spencer's for a nap.
1800-1915: Nap.
1830: Lana calls. "There 6 Guinness for you in Rob's quad. Don't worry about paying me back, and I'll see you later." I love her.
1900: Order Chalet.
1915-1945: controversy. I can't talk about this, but I will later.
1930: Chalet arrives.
2000: Head out to Gage, start drinking.
2000-2320: Drinking Guinness in Gage, random chat, etc.
2320: Head to Koerner's.
2345: Get into Koerner's, courtesy of Jordie's ID.
2350-0045: Schmooze, drink, anticipate.
0045: Bad news.
0050: Spencer speaks about destroying slates.
0052: Spencer speaks about me specifically (more on that later).
0100-0200: Schmooze, chat with EA about elections, chat with CRO about the english class we have together, etc.
0200: Get the boot from Koerner's. Head to Gage to grab jacket and remaining Guinnesses.
0230: Leave Gage, head to Dave Tompkin's apartment in Thunderbird.
0445: Leave T-Bird, with the intention of walking back to the bus loop and taking a Night Bus.
0455: Give up on Night Bus, decide to find Eaton and call cab.
0505: Call cab for Bus Loop, get Eaton to let us into Chem A-Block (Science Advising) to stay warm. Both Spencer and I fall asleep.
0645: Spencer wakes up, wakes me up. We board a 17. Eaton has mysteriously disappeared.
0700: back at Spencer's.
0945: Wake up, can't fall asleep. Do English readings and listen to Interpol.
1000: Fall asleep again.
1130: Wake up again.
1215: Spencer's up. We chat.
1330: Head home. On bus, consider how the hell I'm going to write about all this.

There's a lot that happens in between. I'm too tired for this.

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