January 24, 2004

for those of you that weren't at results night: Spencer said some things about the stuff I'd done for the campaign. I don't have the knack for public speaking, so here's my response

I'm proud of you. I don't think anyone else saw quite how much work you put into this, how much devotion and passion and energy went into this campaign. You knew it would be an uphill battle the entire way, yet you amassed a staff, laid out plans, and stuck to them. You fought to show the students of UBC that an independent candidate is not a foaming screwball, but someone who is professional, focussed, and a viable choice for student leadership. I kept you sane, but you kept me going; your constant drive inspired all of us to go the extra mile. Honestly, it was a bit like a cult of personality.
This has been a learning experience like no other, from elections rules to political gossip to mild subterfuge, I picked up a lot of stuff I didn't know about. Campaign managing wasn't something I previously thought was within my talents. I certainly wouldn't have done this otherwise; thank you for believing in me.
So, Spencer, stand and bow; you've accomplished something huge here, and the impact you've made will be felt.
You're a gentleman and a scholar, and working with you has been a pleasure.

And I'd do it again without hesitation.

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