January 18, 2004

State of The Gerald

just a number of assorted thoughts about how things are:

  • I seem to have grown a little taller and gotten a little thinner.
  • Diet Coke consumption is through the roof; I drank 2 liters at Spencer's yesterday, including the mug full I took to Safeway. I couldn't just let it get flat.
  • We're moving back to Vancouver soon.
  • I should really get my licence.
  • the PowerBelt idea (powerbar = belt) is slowly expanding (in my head) to a full geek accessories line; including a belt made of IDE cables, Firewire bracelets that are also extension cords, XLR watch straps and other assorted silliness. I wonder if you can make aquariums out of big CRT monitors...
  • I haven't been this tense in a while; when I look down I feel it all the way to my lower back. This is not a good sign.
  • 19 soon.
  • Going to bed absolutely swamped is a great feeling.
  • Feeling sort of guilty about having done very little for Arts Week. I know I was busy with other stuff and I did what I could, but still.
  • Fair starts up soon.
  • Elections over soon.
  • Have yet to cook anything from the new cookbook. Have, however, figured out the most effective way to move a couple French techniques into regular cooking (using mirepoix instead of just onions, thickening with butter, etc.)
  • Additionally, does anyone have a steamer I could borrow?

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