May 23, 2005

the boring episode with the exposition

after my emo blowout of last week, I haven't been up to anything terribly exciting, and thus I haven't posted anything for a while. I figure, simply for archival purposes (and for those people who are gallavanting in faraway locales), I may as well throw down what I've been up to.

can't quite get the hang of multiple cuts, because they don't work quite the same way, so this could almost be a Neil-style post. I guess my Braun-fu is weak.


  • The AMS is, as always, an interesting and largely informative place to work. I somehow got invited to the health and dental plan/executive dinner, which'll be at Tojo's. Also, David the Joblink Coordinator = hilarity. It'll be a good year.
  • As of the week after next, I give campus tours every Thursday - I'm not entirely sure why the other guy is giving his up, but I hope things are going well for him.
  • I do very little at the PNE. It feels like a waste of my time, some days.
  • I'm still reading for Equity; some of it's starting to settle in.
apropos of nothing: Soulwax's E-Talking is entirely too addictive.
  • My Social Psych prof is crazy, but very good. I'm feeling actual remorse over having to miss a class for meetings on Thursday.
  • Theory of Personality is far closer to the (proto)typical lectures/wrist cramps psych class, but the material keeps me from passing out. Also the small bet I have going with a class buddy over when the person that sits next to her will show up again induces me to show up.
another pointless interlude: why, daft punk, why?
  • what was an unfortunately lame Autechre concert was salvaged by the awesomeness that is Rob Cross, slurpees, and midnight tours of Kerrisdale. But mostly it was Rob. He's good people.
  • Spent a pleasant afternoon/evening with Chris and Jenn last night. It was a delightful time, and one of these days, Chris being a person who merits a "the" will stop being hilarious.
  • not going to Sasquatch; Gav's not driving and it appears to be too late to find a replacement. On the upside, anyone else planning on seeing Bloc Party on Sunday?
so, I guess some normalcy has returned, although I have no idea as to when/if that'll change again.

...anyone want to start a pool?

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