July 19, 2004

stuff, part something in an ongoing series.

my hits, by country

...who's reading this in Indonesia?
voicemail haiku:

i missed your telephone call
leave message post-beep
nitobe gardens at night = awesome.
fun times with interpol's antics:

between this lyric:
Bottom of the ocean
Saw him under the boat
Saw you making knots
Saw you get the rope

and this lyric:
when the cadaverous mobs
In the doors to the tent

I'm pretty sure that A Time To Be So Small (the closing track) is, in fact, about pirates and zombies, and more specifically the only thing I can think of (although I suspect Karl will prove me wrong here) that involves both, Pirates of The Caribbean.

now, should we file it under (post)post-modern irony, or an accidental reference, or intent?

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