July 23, 2004

coupla musical thoughts

At first, I thought it was bizarre that Interpol would name an album Antics, given that their mope/rock stylings seem fairly serious. I've been listening to it a fair bit, and it makes a little more sense; the lyrics contain references to such exciting things as heists*, zombies**, spies***, mistresses+, and taking bribes(?)++. Maybe I'm just reading too much into things because I am incredibly bored on transit.

*Not Even Jail
**A Time To Be So Small
***Slow Hands
+Take You On A Cruise
I've started listening to Parachutes again, and I'd all but forgotten how much I liked the album; especially the title track and the ones that don't often get played on tour (High Speed and We Never Change come to mind.)

I think I'll do my exit pill piece on it...

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