July 16, 2004

...oh, Steve Martin

Josh directed me to his newest venture last night, and though I'm happier with a camera than with a pen/keyboard/what have you, I'm going to try and submit monthly, and maybe help out on production with the underground; part of expanding my horizons or something of that ilk.

anyway, here's something that's more about writing about music than about actual music, and as such, probably something that will kick around here instead of being submitted Joshwards:

So much of preference is based on experience, and not having shared the same experience as anyone else means that my preferences are bound to be different than anyone else's. Knowing this means I can't (won't) make sweeping "GO LISTEN TO THIS NOW" statements to anonymous readers because it seems supremely egotistical and really, not something I want to be doing.

There's more here, but I feel a need to play Earthbound and listen to the Cardigans while sipping iced tea, which is exactly what I'm going to go do.

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