December 29, 2003

so, my uncle is visiting from the States, and heaven forbid he sleep in a motel, so he's been staying in my room.
as such, I've been sharing a bed with my brother; it's giant, and I cling to the edge anyway, so that's fine.
he has this weird habit of leaving his radio on to Z95.3, just loud enough to make out the words. as much as I'd like to roll over and turn it off, he's in the way, and gets quite... well, bitchy when one does so.
because of this I had one of the wackiest dreams I've had in a good long time, so wacky that you could turn it into a flash game.

A freak EMP has dissolved the brains of bad music-loving people listening to bad music. They've turned into zombies and need proper music-loving brains to survive.
You are the owner of a particularly bitchin' record store. Also you have a band.
Wave after wave of zombies heads towards your store, each repulsed by a different type of music. You can tell which type because there's a clue given by their dress/attitude/mumbling (in the dream, I just knew). You can either drop a record, or play a cover.
To drop a record: you have to find it before the zombies eat your band.
To play a cover: choose from a list of 5, and then think Parappa the Rapper; you have to hit certain keys as they come up.

If you drop the right record/play the right cover, they dissolve. If not, they get one step (of three) closer to devouring a customer. When you run out of customers, they start on your bandmates. When it's down to you, game over.

As levels go on, zombies become harder to kill, until you meet the final boss: the RIAA. or some record company exec. whatever.

in conclusion: I'm crazy, and Z95.3 doesn't help.

addendum: at the beginning of your game, choose your anality level. Lower means your records are disorganized but you have more customers. higher means more organization, less customers. At the highest level, your records are perfectly alphabetical by band, chronological by release, but you have no customers.

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