December 03, 2003

being efficient by combining posts.

Sarah C. now has a blog.
for those of you keeping track, that's three blogs and one pair of headphones.
maybe I should just move into drugs.
I need to organize an expedition to my subconcious.

tonight's dream: we move to Louisiana, and I end up at LSU. not just me, though - I seem to remember Loewen, Vanessa, Graham, Collins&Costa, that annoying loud girl from Theatre 150, and possibly Spencer.
no, wait, Spencer was eaten by an alligator, and we held a wake.
I spent most of said dream stumbling through the Theatre Department's writing classes; most notably "Effective Playwriting through Hallucinogens", and some class where I had to cover for Loewen's absence and then got locked in the trap room, which was full of zombified monarchy.

The Queen Mother and I had tea, although she had to restrain King George multiple times; he wanted my brains.

and then I woke up.

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