April 05, 2003

today was a good day. got to poster party a little late, went off with chris eaton to the science buildings on a fact-finding mission.
got door codes into said buidings. holy jesus batman, people who choose said door codes are geeks.

since our original prank target was unworkable, we opted to do the chem building.
this meant I ended up on the roof of the chem building, courtesy of one F-master.
that was supremely cool.
hung out in the office with spencer, wreaked havoc on Lianne's MSN (you can't leave it on in the office), and we noticed that said F-master did not say "DO NOT COPY".
I will say no more.

two final things:
a) masturbingo (I laughed until I cried)
b) the fair, the f-master, the headphones, my birthday, my two job apps. I am stupidly stoked.

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