April 11, 2003


the last four days have been nothing short of ridiculous.
put on a rock concert with an amazing team of people, got trenchfoot, dealt with Kazzer's tour manager, watched topless mech-bull-rider (with mini-donuts), almost busted out Ludacris in the car with my mom, somehow managed to manage a stage with only one major fuckup, and fuck, I can't say this alone, so I'm going to steal from other people's blogs.

"Manic. Polar. Exhausted, with mandatory alcohol injection.

We, uh, did it.

And I need to write about it, but I just can't, right now. Because I'm absolutely terrified about the fact that it's over. That those climactic nine hours are gone in a smear of unexpected sunlight and grass and silver cases and quick but sincere hugs. And ... it's not just the day that's over - but - ..."

"I think, that, yes - if Wednesday was one of the greatest things I've ever been a part of, and I'm happier now than I've ever, ever been at home - oh.

I understand, I just got it.

Next year can't be as good as this. For a multitude of reasons, but namely because nothing is supposed to be as good as this, right now. I'm not supposed to feel this way about anything - and I'm convinced, you see, that as soon as I let it go it'll be gone forever. It won't come back after four months. I won't be able to find it. It. Happiness, I guess. Contentment, joy, purpose - cliches, all of them, I know."

that was gratuitous, yes, but Paige has a far better grasp on this language than I do.
and she's hot. (and I know you read this, so no, I don't like you *that* way. but you are the only girl who has ever geeked out with me on headphones, and for that, you hold a special spot in my heart.well, closer to my eardrums, but you get the idea)

slept in res wednesday night - it was cool, but I was *so* glad to come back to my bed.

the people. the people just blow my mind, viciously and repeatedly. I love them all.
everyone is just amazing, for working through rain that almost broke a record (1 mm away), to sacrificing their boyginity for the weather (don't ask), I, er, wow.

I'll do a day-by-day breakdown later.

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