January 30, 2007

like a monkey with a miniature cymbal

first staff meeting last night for XVI.

we watched the video from 11 and I recognized half the people (Graham with purple hair! Spencer on front gate! Ollie!) and then introduced the fair and our positions and whatnot.

...ye gods I feel old.

also I missed 24 and am torrenting it now but if anyone says anything, heads will roll.


Jillian said...

OMG. ACF XVI? I feel old knowing that YOU feel old. Who even remembers most of the people in that video? Even the then-young'uns are mostly gone now, which is REALLY WEIRD for me to think about. I may make it to the alumni gathering this year, if only to sit around, get lootered, and yell about how when I was on the Fair, everyone had to take vitamins ;-)

Also, I seriously want a copy of that video - do you guys have a digital version at all? I had a copy on VCD, but the CD is corroded, and I can't watch it - it cuts out right before the Finding Of The Keg. I was trying to explain ACF to Paul, but I think you really have to see the WHOLE thing to grasp the majesty of it.

Oh, and PS?


Gerald said...

hilariously, we don't - the VHS copy was lost to us eons ago and somehow it's up on YouTube, so we ended up watching that.

I may have to track them down and ask for a copy, though; it definitely captures a lot of the Fair Experience.

Jillian said...

I see that there is ten minutes of Part One, but no Parts Two and Three - and I seem to recall that it was longer than 9:59. Sigh.

Anyways. I'm always glad every year to see that you are so involved with ACF still - and seemingly quite content with it. Hopefully, I'll make it back as alumni someday.