January 12, 2007

how not to lead.

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From: Stephanie Ryan <auspresident@xxxxx.xxx>
Date: Jan 12, 2007 1:57 PM
Subject: [aus-list] A Simple Threat From Your President
To: aus-list@xxx.xxx.ca

Next week better be the best Arts Week ever.
If it's not I will kill you... all.
Remember Whistler, I will actually kill you.
Stephanie Ryan
Arts Undergraduate Society President
e. auspresident@xxxxx.xxx
c. xxx-xxx-xxx


Unknown said...

Hahahaha... that made me laugh out loud.

I might just have to try that strategy myself.

Shockah Karl said...

Did it actually work?

It kinda reminded of a few French Club Exec meetings. And yes, it would then prompt me to do even more Ralph Wiggum impersonations/jokes.

Not so much HSA meetings. Things tended to get done in spite of our president. Atleast, during my tenure.

nafeesa said...

wow. and they thought I was all about the tough love during my two year vpi reign of terror....