November 21, 2005

give me your eyes / I need sunshine

a standard updatey post follows:
the fog makes everything seem post-apocalyptic.
I want to pull out the camera, bundle up, and idly take photos while listening to Autechre or Mogwai or something equally quasihuman.
I can't, mostly because my coat's in my closet, and I can't get to my closet, and that's a dead horse and I'll beat it no more.

Things that have happened since Meltdown Monday:

  • Costa's birthday, which included:
    • surprising her with 21 candles stuck into a pendulum brownie
    • jeans shopping, retail hilarity, and Keystonean underwear advice
    • the Odyssey
    • the Lotus Long Weekend
    • Eating chips on Sarah's couch at 3am
    • IHOP with Gavin and Collins the next day
  • Retail Therapy
  • the beginning of Elections Rumor Season.
  • a very quiet weekend, filled with sleeping and movies
  • a weird non-week of school, in which my classes were either cancelled or missed due to ICBC/lawyer appointments
  • a lot of people asking me if I liked guys.
  • an unremarkable EA meeting, followed by an oddly frank discussion with a couple of the ambassadors
  • me settling with ICBC, which was unexpected
  • my last shift at the PNE (forever? I dunno yet)
  • my office being fucking freezing due to the floor-to-ceiling window and brock hall's terrible heating
  • other stuff I probably should've written down as it happened

the Cliff Notes: down to two jobs, schoolwork all over the place, work work to catch up on, iPod in mail, a fairly slack exam schedule, and no move in sight.


Anonymous said...

For the record, I'm a friend, here for love and support, but you only get ONE free "Sarah waits in a forest of neon-orange male g-strings" date, and after that, we've got to go back to non-underoo shopping.

PhotoDiarist said...

after reading sarah's comment, i forgot what i was going to say...

Quinn said...

oh.. i forgot to mention in the last one...

if you do get the powerbook... for god's sake.. get the 12" yo.