November 15, 2005

decisions, decisions

do I want a laptop (specifically: 15" Powerbook), or do I want to go to Montreal for reading week?


Jon said...

Which option is sexier?

That's my answer to everything.

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm prob going to Montreal for Reading week too!!!

I say get both!!!

(You can always get the laptop later, or max out your credit, which is what I'd do)


Graham said...

Montreal, dude.

Quinn said...

these two things to not seem to be of the same monetary equivalent to me.

unless by "go to Montreal for reading week" you mean, "go to Montreal for reading week, do $500 worth of blow and fuck a hooker"

Gerald said...

jon: it's not really about sexiness, and if it were, then they'd be two very different kinds, because I don't think the PB can compare to a city. or you, for that matter ;)

gina: you're right. the laptop will increase my productivity, free me from my windows problems, and overall be a sensible investment.

graham: tips on what to do/where to stay?

quinn: they're not meant to be monetarily equal - I can't do both, though.

nafeesa said...



montreal isn't going anywhere.

besides, it's cold like a motherfucker out there in feb.

Aleksandra said...



Your laptop will outdate itself before you will even truly 'need' one.

Besides, who are you kidding, a laptop would up your productivity?

Pack a warm coat and take the much-needed time off to do nothing productive at all.

Claudia said...

I vote for the laptop. Go to Montreal when it's not so fucking cold.

(Plus the laptop is pretty. so pretty.)

Jackie said...

Montreal. Technology upgrades can happen any time, but fun with Mr. Bonhomme waits for no one.

Anonymous said...