December 26, 2004

Christmas used to be a production over here; lights, tree, togetherness, all of it. Since we've moved, it's basically been canned. Despite the endless media bombardment and everyone else's LJ posts, it could be any day in November right now and I wouldn't notice.

I did get what I wanted; the coat was an absurdly early gift, mostly because I called my mom on it and she agreed that it was bloody cold out now (December 5) and there was no real point in making me wait. My brother, on the other hand, forwent any thought and bought a TV, claimed that it was his gift to us all, and promptly monopolized it at any opportunity. It's 4 and a half feet across, and although it's nice, it makes the whole place seem a lot smaller; the bizarre layout of this place means I can now watch TV in the bathroom mirror if the door is open.

There isn't really a point to this; just a quick vent before I go back to designing shirts and doing campaign stuff. Hope yours was better than mine.

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