November 23, 2003

- I was in one of Paige's dreams; Owen had a Radiohead cover band and I had a crush on him.

- interview went *really* well; now it's a question of my somewhat spotty availability. and I've been invited back for summer, and also to work in their HR department when I'm done my degree.

- ghirardelli does ridiculous hazelnut hot chocolate. (I stopped at Death by Chocolate on my way back to the bus stop)

- ran into someone two grades younger from my high school that knew me (go tiny public school!), who greeted me with "dude, you were about the last person who I'd figure to become a yuppie." (I was wearing a maroon shirt, shades-of-metallic-gray striped tie, gray pants and the black shoes, while holding a paper cup with a java jacket on it ( which contained said hot chocolate))

- I coordinated lumberjack socks with my tie. And it worked.

- butter chicken went over well; I also think I managed to sate Spencer's desire to cut flesh (temporarily, I assume; permanently, I hope.)

- it's also great to cook with people who don't look over your shoulder the whole damn time and spice when you're not looking.

- la fin du monde is wonderful.

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