September 16, 2003


this is pretty bad.
gotten so used to posting somewhat regularly that I feel guilty about not having done anything since Radiohead.

here goes!
The School:
The usual, I suppose. Classes are mind-numbing (LING 100) to really very interesting (THTR 150). Good to see everyone back. Well, most everyone, anyway. There's always the one who you could do without, and the one who's passed on (not dead, graduated) that you miss.
The Sister:
she left her husband last Tuesday, after seven stormy months. He wouldn't stand up to his mother (basically, it would have been "Stop picking on my wife, your unrealistic expectations are ridiculous and I will have none of this.)
she's back. and I never really mentioned her before because she was married before I started the blog, and since she wasn't allowed to visit home (see also: unrealistic expectations). I love her (she is my sister, after all), but there's a number of things we don't get along on.
so, instead of telling her when I disagree, I have to grin and bear it. So far, this includes:

  • saying goodbye to half my closet.
  • shuffling around the furniture in my already-tiny room to make space for her stuff
  • not flipping out when I get yelled at for the faults of her ex.
  • being wrong. all the time.

it's minor, but it adds up.
The Mentor
Spencer is a giant ass (in a good way). I'm not going to turn into him. I promise.
Stop worrying.

So far it's been me tagging along with Spencer and meeting people and being a/bemused. Eventually, I will teach him useful things, like
  • how to make bread
  • how to break into cars with a coat hanger (to retrieve other people's keys, not to drive away in them)
  • how to make butter chicken
  • MP3 snobbery (VBR vs CBR, LAME vs iTunes, etc.)
  • and of course, get him hooked on Eggos

suggestions are welcome (basically, I'm teaching him things to impress people with.) and if you want to tag along, then let me know.
The Home Life
Sucks. I want to get out, but I will only do so with a laptop.
I didn't at all want to go home at 8 after the welcome back (and certain people didn't want me to either, which was incredibly awesome) and sobering up on the bus ride + waiting around at scott road station (being sure to stay on camera, in case anything happened) blew goats. Harder than myUBC blows goats.
which is pretty. damn. hard.

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